Blackfriars Cakes & Muffins

The dynamic team at Blackfriars Bakery have been specialising in making and baking delicious long shelf life, ambient, individually wrapped bakery products including flapjacks, muffins, cake slices, cookies and much more since the late 1980’s. All of their products are proudly manufactured to the highest quality standards at their BRC accredited bakery in Leicestershire, in the UK.

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Tray Bakes:
Fruit & Nut
White Fruit & Nut
Flakey Cakey
Chocolate Flavoured Caramel
Caramel Gold
Cappuccino Slice
Lidgates Chocolate Crunch
Caramel Crunch
Rocky Road
Individually Wrapped Bars:
Fruit & Nut
White Fruit & Nut
Chocolate Flavoured Caramel
Lidgates Chocolate Crunch
Cake Slices:
Ginger Cake
Chocolate Cake
Lemon Cake
Rich Fruit Cake
Blackfriars Muffins:
Chocolate Chip
Monster Chocolate
Monster White Chocolate
Jelly Jaffa
Black Forest
Cherry Bakewell
Chocolate Caramel
Chocolate Chip
Oat & Raisin
Double Chocolate Chip
Cherry & Almond
Rainbow Cookie
Topped Cake Slices:
Carrot Cake
Chocolate Fudge Cake
Toffee Cake
Lemon Cake
American Fudge Brownie
Mixed Carrot & Lemon
Mixed Chocolate & Toffee
Treat Tubs:
Original Flapjack Bites
Chocolate Flapjack Bites
Fruit Flapjack Bites
Mixed Mini Muffins
Eccles Cake
Gingerbread Fred Teds
American Fudge Brownie


Please contact the Nicco Foods office and ask to speak to one of our sales team for more information.